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Engraved Serving Boards for local Smiths Falls Board Chapter

Objective: To create 4 Walnut serving boards for the founding members of local Board of Directors in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada.


  • Live Edge Walnut serving board 3 feet long
  • Engrave chapter name in the lower left
  • Engrave "Founding Member" in the top right


As always, it usually starts with selecting wood for the project. This is what I landed on:

Walnut slabs front

Walnut boards back

Once the wood is selected and prepped, I start with creating the design - in this case just the text to be carved - in the VCarve Pro software. This will give you a good idea of how it will look like when it gets carved by the CNC machine.

Preview in VCarve Pro

Once the preview has been approved we can move over to the CNC and cut out our design. I always try to do a test cut to ensure there are no errors. In this case  used my test piece to lay onto the individual boards to easily set the orign for my X,Y, making sure the text won't run of the edge on live edge boards :-)

Layout the test piece to confirm X,Y origins

Once I can set the parameters in the software I can run the program and cut:

Engraving slogan

Engraving Founding Member text