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Custom CNC Celtic Cross and 2 Bases from Basswood

Objective: To create a custom Celtic Cross and 2 bases to support the Celtic cross and statue. These 2 will be displayed side by side in the lobby of a school building in a glass case.


  • Made out of Basswood to match the wood of the statue
  • Aura of the cross should be about the same height as Jesus's head
  • Mounted securely to the bases
  • Cross should be easily removable from the base so the cross can also be hung on the wall as well
  • The angle of the bases should match the angle of the cross
  • Chisel marks on the aura of the cross

First I design the cross in the CNC design software VCarve Pro:

Cross in VCarve

Also also designed the bases in Sketchup:

Base mockup in Sketchup

After some tweaks we agreed on the final design.

Next up is cutting up the boards of Basswood and glue up a blank for the cross:

Glue up for cross

Glue up for cross

I always try to do my glue ups at the end of the day so I can leave them overnight. That way the glue has plenty of time to set.

Now it's time to cut the design on the CNC machine:

Cutting on the CNC

 Cutting cross with CNC

Close up CNC cut Celtic Cross

The bases angle in back to front and side to side and match the angle of the Celtic Cross. They have a metal bar that will hold the cross and the statue:


The client also wanted a chiseled aura on the cross, so that's what I did. Here's the final result after it's all oiled up:

Overview shot Celtic cross and statue front

Here are a few closeups of the chisel marks of the aura of the Celtic Cross:

close up chisel marks 1

close up chisel marks 2

Overview shot Celtic cross and statue back