Why use a high chair foot rest attachment?

A high chair foot rest attachment for your IKEA high chair is more than just decorative — it's a crucial addition to ensure your baby's successful transition to solid foods.

Below are five reasons why you'll want to invest in a foot rest for your baby's high chair:

1) Added Physical Stability

Have you ever sat on a stool without a proper foot rest? You probably shifted a lot and were quickly ready to stand up, even if your meal was fantastic. Your baby feels the same way when they're sitting in a high chair, as their core is unstable while their legs are dangling. If they feel stable in their high chair they'll be more likely to relax, sit longer in their high chair, and enjoy their dinner. 

2) Improved Concentration

If your baby feels insecure in their high chair, they're likely to shift around in search of a comfortable seating position, and in the process also become tired and frustrated. A foot rest provides your baby with crucial physical stability, which in turn allows them to concentrate on the important task of eating.

3) Better Motor Skills

The introduction of solid foods isn't only a task for your baby's digestive system, but it's also the first time your little one will be trying out some of their motor skills — picking up a spoon, biting from a utensil, and chewing solids. A foot rest stabilizes you baby's core which in turn improves their ability to use their other muscles.

4) Success in Self-Feeding

As your baby develops their motor skills, they're ability to try, and successfully handle, the challenge of self-feeding is improved. You'll be setting them up for success in one of their first forays into independence!

5) Decreased Risk of Choking

With your baby comfortably seated in proper eating position — completely upright, hips angled at 90 degrees, and feet well supported, your child will be best situated to properly swallow their food. A foot rest can reduce the risk of choking by resolving the issue of poor posture and physical instability.

BONUS: A foot rest that adapts as your baby grows

The length of the notches in our IKEA Antilop high chair foot rest attachment and the rubber o'rings included to hold the foot rest in place allow the foot rest to be moved as your child grows, keeping them comfortable longer!

So there you have it — a high chair foot rest is more than just decorative, it's an important add-on to ensure your baby makes an easy and successful transition to solid foods!


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