What to Put in a Memory Box

Time flies when your little one is growing, but a handmade wooden memory box is an excellent way to preserve those precious moments.

Looking for some ideas for what you can stow away for your child to treasure in years to come? Here are a few of our favourite mementos to add!

Before Birth

Your baby's first photo was probably their ultrasound, so it makes an excellent first addition to a memory box!

Did your loved one's throw you a baby shower? Hold on to an extra invitation and include it as a reminder of just how much your little one was loved before they even entered the world.

Give your child a glimpse into what your family looked like before they came along. A family photo can be fun way to show them what life was like before they arrived.

Hospital Memories

Of course their hospital wristband is an important memento to tuck away. With their name, birth date, weight and length on it, it's a perfect reminder of how they came into this world.

Their first hand or foot prints are a good inclusion too. They'll probably marvel at just how tiny they once were, and so will you.

Did you hang on to the outfit they wore home from the hospital? Consider including it as well!

Baby's Firsts

Some of the most common keepsakes are "the firsts" — your baby's first lock of hair, first tooth, first toy, first cards, first book, or photos with their first friend or at their first event. The list goes on!


Did you keep a journal while you were waiting for your little one to arrive? Maybe you wrote letters for them to open in the future? Save these warm words and precious wishes in their memory box too!

Audio or Video Recordings

A photo is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there's nothing like the sound of a voice, especially years later when that voice might no longer be around. Have your loved ones record a message for your baby and stash it away for them to listen to later. It may be one of their most cherished keepsakes one day!


Already gathered some items from this list but still need the box to put them in? Explore our cherry, oak, and sugar maple wooden keepsake boxes online! They can even be personalized with your baby's name — just email us at hello@tinytreewoodco.ca.