Proud Member of Ontario Wood

I strongly believe in sustainability and leaving a better world for the next generation. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I just became a proud member of Ontario Wood.

When you buy one of my baby rattles , a Credenza or any of my pieces you are not only supporting a local crafts person but you are also promoting the vision behind my company.

In today's world most things are mass manufactured overseas usually without any regard of the environmental consequences such mass production brings with it from labor exploitation, resource stripping to pollution.

I like to offer an alternative to that model, where the local economy is directly impacted and the money stays more local. On top of that, buying from a local maker creates relationships within our communities.

Ontario Wood great provincial organization that focuses on promoting locally manufactured wood products made using sustainably harvested Ontario grown wood.

- at least 75% of the wood used in an Ontario Wood product must be from trees that are indigenous to or are commercially grown in Ontario and are harvested from sustainably managed forests in Ontario

- up to 25% of the wood may come from sustainably managed forests in the rest of Canada as long as that wood is from tree species that are indigenous to or are commercially grown in Ontario

- all processing associated with the manufacturing of the products must take place in facilities located in Ontario

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