Personalized Baby Gifts made in Canada

Did you know that most of our handcrafted wooden baby toys and items can be personalized with a name, date, or anything else you want?
Check out some of our most popular personalized baby gifts below.

Personalized IKEA Antilop High Chair Foot Rest

A high chair foot rest adds much needed physical stability, helps your baby concentrate and develop better motor skills as they eat, can lead to success in self-feeding, and decreases their risk of choking. (Read more about this on our "Why use a high chair foot rest attachment" blog.)

So you know it’s functional, but it can also be decorative! Our IKEA Antilop High Chair Foot Rest can easily be customized with your baby’s name.

Personalized Wooden IKEA Antilop High Chair Foot Rest

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

Our personalized wooden keepsake box is that special item that will be kept forever. Available in sugar maple, cherry, and white oak, you have options when it comes to colour as well!
Personalized Wooden Name Block Set
A set of wooden blocks is always a classic gift! Your baby can use this special blocks not only for play, but eventually to learn how to spell their name as well.

 Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box and Personalized Wooden Name Block Set
 Personalized Wooden Baby Rocker
Whether they’re four months or four years old, our Tiny Tree Rocker is a gift a that will be suitable for your little one as they grow up. Use it as a rocker or flip it over and it becomes a small play structure as they get older.
Their name, or whatever you may want, can easily be added to make it a customized gift!
Personalized Wooden Baby Rattle
Crafted from a single piece of wood, adding a name to this special wooden baby rattle is sure to make it an even more precious gift. The new parents might be just as mesmerized as the baby is given its soothing natural sound.
See another item in our shop that you’d like customized? It may be possible! Send us an email and we’ll let you know what we can do!
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