Benefits of Mobiles for Babies

A wooden crib mobile may be part of your picture perfect nursery, but did you know it can provide some crucial developmental benefits for your baby?

Here are four benefits to having a crib mobile for your baby:

1) Visual Development and Eye Muscle Strengthening

Your newborn will have blurry vision when they're first born and will only be able to see about a foot away. Hanging a mobile at this distance provides your baby an easy point of interest on which to focus. As your baby's eyes follow the mobile's movements, they strengthen and develop their eye muscles.

2) Head Control

As your baby grows, they may start to follow their mobile with their eyes, and then with their head. Your baby may lift or move their head, helping them develop these movements and strengthen their neck muscles. 

3) Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Co-ordination

Although out of reach, your baby may also start to reach and grab towards the mobile once they're about three months old. These small movements can be a step towards mastering their motor skills. This reaching can also help your baby's eyes and understand depth, distance, and spatial awareness. 

4) Entertainment

Your baby will spend a lot of time on their back, particularly when they are too young to roll over. A mobile hanging over head can provide a point of interest and entertainment for your baby while they're staring up at the ceiling.

So it really is more than just decorative, a mobile hanging over your crib can have some real benefits as your baby grows and develops!

A wooden baby mobile with a squirrel, owl, hedgehog, acorn, and leaves.


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